Hi, my name is Jon. I have 10+ years of test prep experience tutoring and have scored perfectly on the ACT and SAT. I’ve also coached students to perfect ACT and SAT composite scores. The majority of my students earn merit-based scholarships and achieve an average score of 30+ on the ACT and 1300+ on the SAT. I’ve also helped students become National Merit Scholars by earning top scores on the PSAT. My students have attended top schools such as Yale, MIT, UC Berkeley, USC, UCSD, and University of Chicago, to name a few.

I specialize in helping students earn merit-based scholarships through ACT/SAT test prep tutoring and return on investment (ROI). For most students, their ROI with test prep tutoring is between 5x and 100x, with some exceeding 500x ROI. The average ROI in the past few years has been approximately 30x the cost of tutoring. My ACT/SAT students earned over $1,500,000 in scholarships in the 2018-2019 application cycle.

I’ve been tutoring high school and college students for over a decade and have over 10,000 hours of teaching experience. I have two Bachelor of Science degrees: one in Biochemistry and one in Psychology, but I’ve always naturally excelled in math and love teaching it as well. I was a Teaching Assistant & Supplemental Instructor at MSU Denver for a total of 6 semesters in subjects including Chemistry, Calculus, and Psychology. I was also a Research Assistant for my Biochemistry and Neuroscience professors.

I am an expert on every section of the ACT and SAT, which has allowed me to write questions for Answers Tutoring test prep books and test prep software. I’ve gone so in-depth into understanding these tests that I’ve categorized every possible question type and answer type for every section, along with strategies for each question type and ways to identify them.

While I always recommend between 10 and 20 test prep sessions, many students make huge gains (3 to 6 ACT points and 100+ SAT points) in 1 to 3 tutoring sessions. I work with students both in-person and online, including local students in Colorado as well as students across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

My test prep approach has three main steps:

1. Overall Test Strategy – Our first session covers the main strategies for each section of the test. This session generally results in an immediate boost in test scores before students learn any new content.
2. Practice Tests, Review, and Self-Studying – Students take weekly practice tests, review them with me, identify subject areas they need to work on, then study and practice those concepts to achieve fast score improvements. Depending on his or her starting score and goal score, students repeat this process weekly for approximately 5 to 12 weeks.
3. Comprehensive Review – The week before the test, students review past test questions and concepts that they missed to reinforce the new strategies and knowledge they have gained throughout test prep tutoring. We also work out any worries they have and make sure they have the right mindset for achieving their goal score.

In additional to test prep tutoring, I also have extensive experience teaching upper-level science and math subjects including AP Calculus, AP, Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Physics, Algebra I, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, as well as SAT Subject Tests (Math I and II, Physics, Chemistry, Biology). Nearly every one of my students earn A’s in their courses or improves by 1-3 letter grades mid-semester.

I treat every student’s results as a reflection of my efforts, so I make sure I give every student my all. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to positively impact my students’ lives. Hearing about their accomplishments in college and beyond that all stemmed from their hard work in high school and with test prep has been so rewarding for me. Hearing about college acceptances and scholarship offers is almost as exciting for me as it is for them.

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