College Preparation Review List for High School Students

Review for Freshman Year:  Plan for the Future

  • Register for courses in academic area (English, math, science, social studies and foreign language) required for college entrance
  • Do well academically! It’s a preview of your success.   Remember, 9th grade provide the first set of grades the college admission’s officers will see.
  • Explore your extracurricular opportunities, and begin to get involved. Join clubs, participate in activities and volunteer for service organizations that match your interests.  Explore colleges that match your interests and family budget.
  • Begin practice taking the ACT tests/SAT tests.

Review for Sophomore Year:  Begin to Broaden your Experience

  • Become involved and committed to a community service organization or project – or create your own!
  • Deepen your involvement in several extracurricular activities. This will broaden your experience, validate interests, and help you build relationships.
  • Begin formulating two lists of potential colleges to attend. A reach list and match list of colleges will help direct your high school selections.
  • Make sure you are on target with the right courses for the colleges you intend to target for admission.
  • Review competitive college scholarships and their requirements. Start building credentials to compete.
  • Take an academic interest test. Take a practice SAT – Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT).