SIX WAYS SAT TEST CHANGEDThe SAT test, a globally recognized college admissions test, has undergone significant changes. So before you spend countless hours on SAT prep, make sure you are prepared and you know all that the new test entails.

6 Ways the SAT Test Has Changed

1.No penalty for guessing

That’s right, you read that correctly – students will not be penalized for wrong answers, just like the ACT test. If you aren’t sure of the answer, take a guess! However, questions will require multiple steps to get the correct answer.

2. Only 4 answer choices instead of 5

On the new test, there are only 4 answer choices instead of 5. There are also fewer test sections, but each requires more time.

3. No obscure vocabulary

Students no longer need to waste time during SAT prep studying obscure vocabulary words. The test will include more familiar vocabulary, but students will need to know multiple definitions of each word.

4. Updated essay section

Instead of writing a personal essay, students will read a passage and then explain how the author is persuading the audience. The new essay format may be harder to prepare for during SAT test prep, as students won’t see the passage until taking the test.

5. Revamped reading section

Similar to the essay section, the reading section has a greater focus on evidence, reasoning, and critical thinking. Students will be asked to support their answers with evidence from the text.

6. Free test preparation

The College Board forged a new partnership with Khan Academy to offer students free access to high-quality online SAT test prep without signing up for pricey programs like Kaplan or Princeton Review.  This exclusive, official SAT prep will most likely be the best test prep for students.


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