Premier College Advising Services

Students deserve one-on-one attention and the best advice possible when discussing college options and their future.  Advisors match student profiles to college profiles that will provide the best academic fit and challenge along with the highest academic scholarship merit and opportunity.

Family College Solutions’ Student Scholar Preparation Includes:

▶ Identify Unique Gifting, Talents, & Skills
▶ Robust Resume© Development
▶ Uncover Fields of Interest & Develop Focus Within Major
▶ Determine “Smart Choice©, Match & Reach” College Options
▶ Testing Strategies
▶ Recommendations for Internships, Extracurricular & Employment Strategies as Related to Admission, Scholarships and Grants
▶ Comprehensive Customized Scholarship Search
▶ College Selection & Demonstrated Interest
▶ Application Advice & Essay Evaluations
▶ Campus Visit Preparation
▶ Mock Interviews – Admission/Scholarship Selection Committees
▶ Financial Award Comparisons & Appeal Advise
▶ Student Accountability

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